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Schatzberg Set 1

Terroir vs Winemaking: An Experimental Tasting

An endless debate in the world of wine is the degree to which terroir influences a wine’s characteristics. A full spectrum of opinions can be found, from those who believe terroir’s influence is minimal to those who think that it’s all that really matters in the formulation of a wine. As is usually the case, most […]

Austrian Road 3-1-14

Killer Values from Austria’s 2011 Vintage

Austria’s 2011 vintage was described as “one of the greatest vintages in Austrian history” by Master of Wine Josef Schuller. Ideal weather, zero fungal problems, and the luxury of a long harvest led to excellent fruit quality. In general terms, the wines of 2011 are simply delicious young with their superb concentration (if that’s your […]

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  • Keller Westhofener Kirschspiel Spatlese 2012

    The Keller Westhofener Kirschspiel Spatlese has a fascinating bouquet of mint, yeast, and river stones. This Spatlese is light and fresh but possesses great depth and multiple layers to the flavors of lemon, bright peach, honey, wildflowers, and mouth-watering saline. It’s an absolutely outstanding Riesling that is so good now that it will take exceptional willpower to cellar it. 95pts